How does the scum absorber work?

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I believe that many people are troubled by the oil and other scum impurities in the hot tub. They have tried many methods but still can’t find a better solution. Either the treatment method is complicated, the cleaning effect is not good, or it is inconvenient to use. Hllfoam has done a lot of research and development on this problem, and finally designed a perfect product that can meet the needs of the public! Oil-absorbing Sponges or you can call it Scum Absorbing Sponge. This product not only satisfies users in terms of function, but also has a unique appearance. When using it, it will not affect the overall look of the swimming pool, adding a fun to your swimming pool life.


Reasons for research and development

At first, we were just a factory producing filter sponges. We started with scumball and have been providing this product to customers for 6 years. Everyone is familiar with Scumball. This is the first product used in hot tubs, spas and swimming pools to remove scum and impurities such as oil.
However, scumball has functional defects and its performance is always unsatisfactory. Therefore, at the suggestion of customers, we tried to produce scumbugs. Fortunately, we succeeded. Scumbugs is much better than scumball in terms of function. The reason is that scumbugs has a larger contact area and more molecular structures on its surface, and its efficiency is very high.
However, these two products have a common defect. White objects are always very conspicuous in hot tubs, swimming pools or spas. This often affects people’s swimming pool life. So, we conducted in-depth research and development on this problem, hoping to find a perfect solution. Fortunately, we succeeded!


New Products

We got inspiration from some oil recovery schemes. Can the mesh fabric used for oil recovery also be used as a scum absorber for swimming pools? If we wrap the oil-absorbing sponge with this fabric, can we design a better scum absorber? The answer is: Yes! We have successfully designed a new scum absorber.
This special fabric enhances the sponge’s absorption efficiency of oil and other scum impurities. And because it is a cuttable fabric, we can make it into any style that can be sewn, no matter what color or appearance, we can use this special fabric to make it, which greatly enriches people’s choices. You can design your pool accessories and match your pool with a favorite style.
Such a product that meets both functional needs and appearance needs, what else is there for you not to choose it? This picture comes from have done a detailed evaluation of all the scum absorption products ever made, which fully proves the ability of the new scum absorption products.

HLLFAOM is committed to professional swimming pool accessories design!

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