At HLLFOAM, we’re committed to designing and engineering the most innovative foam equipment in the world.

HLLFOAM sells globally. We are experienced in shipping around the world. Regardless of where you are located, we can help you.

HLLFOAM has a long-standing positive experience of close to a decade in foam injection. All of our products are of superior quality. Our experience coupled with recent technological improvements has enabled us to develop our own advanced structural foam injection molding system that produces products of ultra high quality.

We are dedicated to ongoing product development, continuing research, and collaboration with our customers to develop special products that address particular requirements. Maintaining quality and continuing product development is supported by our commitment to a substantial investment in quality assurance processes. Our objective is complete customer satisfaction.

We have the largest sponge product manufacturing factory in China with the most comprehensive categories. We are committed to the research and development of safe and reliable sponge products and to making our own contribution to the world's environmental protection.


We are one of the pioneers in the development and production of sponge products

In HLLFOAM, you can see advanced sponge manufacturing tools, world-famous sponge products, highly creative sponge product design experts, hardworking manufacturing workers, and enthusiastic and sincere sales staff.

We apply precise polyurethane foaming technology to produce sponge products with different appearances; we skillfully use CNC engraving technology to create novel products on block sponge products. No matter what field, you can see the application of sponge products. In different fields, we are most proud of the application of our products in water resources.

The most innovative filter sponge product

The purification and utilization of water resources has always been a topic of concern to people. We at hllfoam have been developing filter sponges little by little from the beginning, and gradually produced activated carbon filter cotton for impurity filtration, photocatalyst filter cotton for scientific research, etc. Now we have refocused our attention on the research and development and production of swimming pool and bathtub products. The oil-absorbing sponge ball is a product we have been producing since the beginning of our establishment, but now its shortcomings have gradually emerged. Even the upgraded oil-absorbing sponge product has its shortcomings.

Therefore, the research and development of new products is urgent. Fortunately, we succeeded. A new type of oil-absorbing sponge product was developed, and we designed many different styles for people to choose from. Of course, we can design the style you want for you.

The most vivid polyurethane sponge product

Polyurethane sponge has its unique plasticity. We can make various molds to produce polyurethane sponge products with different appearances. At the same time, we can also paint it with different colors as needed. Therefore, whether it is used for the production of toy models or filling applications of household products, polyurethane sponge can play its unique charm.

The toughest eva sponge product

EVA products are also called plastic sponge products. Obviously, the plastic components inside make this type of product have a tough quality that other sponge products do not have. We widely use it in the field of outdoor sports and have conducted in-depth research on people’s outdoor travel, safety protection and other aspects.

we family

Each of our employees can find their own position in hllfoam. This is a big family, and each of us is working hard to make this family better.
We are a small company, but we have big dreams.
We are committed to protecting the world environment and supporting children in developing countries. We promise that a portion of every profit will be used to donate to the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

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