HLLFOAM has a 16+ year tradition of producing highly engineered molded polyurethanes, self-skinning polyurethanes and small precision cast polyurethanes. We also have extensive capabilities in EVA injection molding and Dipped NBR and materials.

Chinese Leader In Polyurethane, EVA and NBR Materials & Components


Get started by connecting and collaborating with our foam engineering team...


Whether you have a sketch or 3D CAD model, we'll assist in the design of your foam product...


Determining a manufacturing process and selecting application-specific materials...


We'll provide functional prototypes for your evaluation, testing and approval...


We'll provide functional prototypes for your evaluation, testing and approval...


HLLFOAM is more than just a foam manufacturer. We are also an extension of your design and engineering teams. Our success is largely determined by our ability to work with you to design and develop innovative engineered foam solutions for your new application. Our sales and product development team members have extensive experience working closely with customers throughout the design and development process. Ideally, we are involved in the conceptual phase and can educate our customers on materials and their properties, our production capabilities and process limitations, etc. our production capabilities and process limitations, etc. Our involvement at an early stage often helps minimize the time required to develop new foam components.

Another advantage of working with HLLFOAM is our in-house tool shop. We not only design but also build the molds, cutting dies, and fixtures we use to manufacture your parts. In doing so, we are able to build cost-effective, durable tools that will hold tight tolerances for the life of a project. Having our tool shop in our own facility allows us to expedite any necessary modifications during the prototype stage. It also allows us to make any required repairs to production tools with very little downtime.

HLLFOAM has built a very loyal customer base by providing innovative foam solutions and consistently delivering an exceptional level of customer service. From your initial contact with an HLLFOAM salesperson, through the development process with our engineers, to our customer service associates, we strive to be the most responsive, customer-driven foam manufacturer in the industry.

Our Materials

HLL Foan manufactures advanced molded polyurethane components and PU material systems designed for long-lasting performance and durability. We engage with global suppliers to deliver PU foam and polymer material systems that provide optimal cushioning and resilience.

Viscoelastic Slow Recovery Memory Foam

Viscoelastic slow recovery polyurethane memory foam exhibits slow recovery time to return to its initial form. It has a low ball rebound, and is a highly conforming PU material. 

Self-Skinning Polyurethane Sponge

Integral skin foam offers a more high-density and thicker dense outer skin which is ideal for a number of applications including arm rests. 

Polyurethane Molded Toys

Hll Foam molded polyurethane toys are constructed from a range of flexible PU foam and solid elastomer materials. We specialize in molding foam and polymers to fit customer’s exacting needs.

Injection Molded Polyurethane

Leveraging its 16+ year heritage HLLFoam has applied its expertise in polyurethane (PU) to the manufacture of components and finished products goods for industrial and consumer OEM partners.

We produce self-skinning, flexible, viscoelastic polyurethane foam products. Our Industrial team has deep, experience-based knowledge of partner product needs, from materials’ shock-absorbing properties or anti-static/static dissipation, to complex shapes molded around metal or plastic structural inserts.

R&D and Polyurethane Product Development

Do you have a custom application requiring polyurethane or polymer product development? Get in touch with the HLLFOAM Advanced PU Research Team. We are constantly researching new materials and testing advanced formulations in our workshop to develop new products for our customers.



Dongguan Honglonglong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of polyurethane foam. Under the leadership of a team with more than 15 years of working experience in the foam industry, after years of development, with firm belief and continuous pursuit of dreams, the technology group has gradually matured and become stronger. Our company’s main products are polyurethane foam foam, eva foam, pva shaped cutting, dipping nbr water supplies… These foams are widely used in the automotive industry, electronics industry, advertising industry, solar energy industry, glass industry and other industries. The survival foundation of an enterprise is customers, so providing customers with the best service, the best price and the best quality is our goal and belief that we always adhere to.


Our modernized production process is completed in the totally enclosed factory once for all, which ensures the best quality products in an extremely


We always stick to the policy that survival comes with technology upgrades, development comes with service innovation.




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Factory Production Process

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Factory Production Process

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