Why choose Spa and Pool Descaling Balls?

Today, we would like to introduce our star product scumball to you! Any swimming pool cannot be without them. If you don’t want your swimming pool to be filled with scum and impurities, scumball is one of your best choices.

This product has been used by too many people, and its capabilities have been certified by the market. I believe most people already understand its uses, but there are still many details that are unknown. I will introduce them to you one by one below.

What kind of material makes it so popular?

No one wants to have a toxic sponge in their bathtub. Before scumball, many people were harmed by toxic sponges, but many times, they had to use them to clean their pools.
Scumball is made of polyurethane sponge, which you can always trust! Even if you put it in the water for a hundred years, it will not harm your health.


Why is its ability so popular?

We’ve worked magic on this sponge! Hahaha, we’re kidding. We’ve actually used a clever sanding device to give this sponge some hairs. Just like seaweed, these hairs can absorb most of the scum that gets close to it. And because this polyurethane sponge is non-absorbent, you never have to worry about the scumball sinking into the water, so you can use it in your pool with confidence.


How are its sales?

So far, we have exported nearly 10 million scumballs. Since 2010, it is still our star product today! Our workers still check their production every day and constantly optimize the production process to ensure that every customer who finds us can get enough and good quality products.

Hllfoam welcomes friends from all over the world to send us purchase orders, we will prepare the samples you need for you!