What is a one-component polyurethane sealant?

One-component polyurethane sealant

This sealant is a solvent-free one-component room temperature curing sealant. The sealant is in paste form and can be extruded or applied. Sag-resistant, caulked vertical seams and top seams do not flow. The cured adhesive layer is rubbery and elastic. Adhesive to metal, rubber, wood, cement components, ceramics, glass, etc.

Application industry:

Polyurethane sealants are widely used in civil construction, transportation and other.


1. Application in construction – filling and sealing of all concrete expansion joints, doors and windows, glass, etc.;

2. Application in civil engineering – caulking and sealing of expressways, bridges, tunnels, airstrips, etc.;

3. In automobiles Aspects of application – the assembly and sealing of windows (mainly windshields). Sealant is a material used to fill gaps (holes, joints, seams, etc.),

and has two functions of bonding and sealing. Polyurethane sealant, silicone sealant and polysulfide sealant constitute the three major varieties of high-grade sealant.


1. Wide performance adjustable range and strong adaptability;

2. Good wear resistance; 3. High mechanical strength;

4. Good bonding performance;

5. Good elasticity, excellent recovery, can be used for dynamic seams;

6. Good flexibility at low temperature;

7. Good weather resistance, service life up to 15~20 years;

8. Good oil resistance;

9. Resistant to biological aging;

10. The price is moderate.


“Single-component” is mainly relative to “two-component”. There is a two-component polyurethane glue. When using it, components A and B need to be mixed evenly in proportion to achieve bonding and sealing. The effect; while the single component is used directly, which is convenient, concise and easy to construct. “Moisture curing” means that the one-component polyurethane adhesive is cured by the reaction of a small amount of water vapor in the air, and reacts with the active groups on the surface of the substrate to play a bonding role. Compared with traditional silicone glue, polyurethane glue has more than 3 times high elongation and more than 2 times the bonding strength. The one-component polyurethane glue is non-toxic after being fully cured, and can be used in drinking water projects, and has been tested by the authority.

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