How to choose the right cat litter mat?

For the majority of pet lovers, cats should be one of the best pets to keep. At the same time, it is also the most comfortable pet to keep. But, are you sure you really know how to raise a cat?
Generally speaking, there are not many things needed to raise a cat. You only need to prepare cat cages, cat litter boxes, cat litter, and cat climbing frames. But for most tasteful pet lovers, these are far from enough. On this basis, they will specially select a suitable cat litter mat for the cat owner. And how to choose the right cat litter mat, there is a lot of knowledge here.

  • Silicone cat litter mat
    Silicone cat litter mat is the earliest developed cat litter mat product. It has excellent characteristics such as non-slip, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean. If you choose high-quality materials, it will also have the characteristics of green environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless. These features have made silicone litter mats all the rage.
    However, because the silica gel material is usually relatively hard, and in order to collect falling sand, cat litter mats usually artificially design some protrusions on the silica gel mat to achieve the purpose of collection. This makes cats dislike stepping on it, and eventually the silicone cat litter mat does not have an ideal effect of collecting falling sand.
  • Fiber cat litter mat
    The fiber cat litter mat is designed and produced on the premise that the silica gel cat litter mat is not easy to attract cats to settle down. Combining the characteristics of cat litter mat and cat scratch board, the loofah tendons attract cats to settle down, so as to collect falling sand. This kind of cat litter mat is soft and light, which is very attractive to cats, which is its unique advantage.
    However, Xiao He failed Xiao He, and the unique design of the loofah tendons made it difficult to clean. Dirt can easily enter the gaps on the mat, which is not resistant to dirt. As long as it is not cleaned regularly, it will produce peculiar smell, and at the same time, it will lose its original function.
  • Eva double layer cat litter mat
    After a long period of development and improvement, eva double-layer cat litter mats have gradually entered the public eye. This is a mature product that combines a variety of cat litter mat functions, has multiple advantages, and greatly avoids defects.
    In terms of material selection, eva material is not as hard as silicone material, and at the same time, it is not as soft as ordinary sponge. Moderate softness. At the same time, the cat litter mat adopts a double-layer design, and the unique honeycomb structure on the upper layer makes it easy to collect cat litter and attract cats to settle down. The double-layer openable design makes this cat litter pad very easy to clean. It can be said to be the master of cat litter mats.

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