Why is soft urethane used in all walks of life?

Flexible Polyurethane Is Used In All Walks Of Life.

Flexible polyurethane foam is a type of polyurethane material that is used more than rigid polyurethane foam. It has lower density, better elasticity, and has the characteristics of heat preservation and ventilation. It is also a better sound-absorbing material on the market.

Because of their excellent properties, they are often used in various fields of our daily life.

Some home applications.

In household products, we often use high elasticity and good air permeability soft polyurethane foam to make cushions such as mattresses and cushions. Some special pillows are also made from them. Generally speaking, according to different use requirements and customers’ different needs for softness and hardness, we will prepare different formulas for production.

In the field of transportation, most car seats are now made of soft polyurethane foam. Our research and development department has also made great efforts here to make the produced car cushions both comfortable and safe.

As a sound-absorbing material with excellent performance, we have also done in-depth research on this characteristic, and we can make sound-absorbing materials that combine different requirements and apply them to wheels. Today’s Tesla cars all have the same sound-absorbing materials.

Some of the more common decorations in life, toys in the hands of children, and small ornaments in the exhibition hall. Most of them are also made of soft polyurethane materials. Among these exquisite products, we often produce products such as some toy models. Because soft polyurethane materials are easier to compound, they can better meet the customized needs of some customers. In this regard, we often discuss with our colleagues in the company whether there are more possibilities to allow our products to have more features, so as to meet the needs of more customers.

Of course, if you need to know about rigid polyurethane, please read the article about ‘’Rigid Polyurethane Foam‘’.

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