Molded foam

Molded foam

molded foams are usually producedin a discontinuous process. Foam molding is used to create products with intricate shapes such as seat cushions, paddings, head restraints, dampers, and construction materials. This process involves pouring or injecting the components through a mixing head and into a preheated mold. The components react inside the mold causing the polymer system to foam and rise.

HLL Foam offers Molded Polyurethane Foam and Cross-Linked Compression Molded Foam, each with its own unique characteristics to help meet customer needs. This is just another example of HLL Foam’s commitment to “design product neutrality”. This means, we offer the best product for your application.

While most polyurethane foams are made from sheets, buns or slabs, there are also unique shapes and applications that require molding, and HLL Foam has an extensive molding line backed by years of success. In addition to foam molding, parts can be added to help reduce factory assembly, or most foams can be coated to give you a finished product.

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