How to choose a good seat cushion?

More and more work is now being done on a computer, which means that people have to sit and work for long periods of time in office chairs. At the same time, due to the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, more people choose to work from home, which makes sitting in a chair for a long time to work, becoming the norm.
As a result, a rather serious problem arises: sitting for a long time can have a huge impact on people’s physical health, which is very painful.
In order to alleviate the negative effects of prolonged sitting, adding a cushion to the seat has become a common choice for people. However, there are various types of cushions with various functions on the market. How should we choose?
We did a fairly complete survey of this issue, and in the end, we came up with some good recommendations. We’ve summarised them below in the hope of helping you in the slightest.

Choose an ergonomic cushion

In many cases, chairs designed and manufactured according to ergonomic mechanics already have many practical functions, because the use of such chairs is not universal, so when there is no ergonomic chair, choose ergonomic chairs. The designed cushion has become the first choice of people.

Choose the right filler

Most of the seat cushions on the market now are filled with memory foam, and memory foam is also good or bad. When we choose, we must distinguish carefully.
As for other filler types, it is not considered here. Because we are looking for a cushion suitable for office.
We need to determine the hardness of the seat cushion according to our own weight and the size of the seat cushion we need, and the one that suits us is the best.

Choose the right cushion cover

Be sure to accurately measure the size of your office chair before purchasing a suitable cushion.
According to your own needs, whether it is non-slip or breathable, as long as it can meet your own requirements, it is the best.

Choose the right price according to your budget

In fact, many more expensive products have cheap substitutes. We do not need to choose more expensive cushions in order to buy big brand products. There are many cheap and high-quality products. Just look carefully to find it.

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