Why high resilience polyurethane is used in automotive

Why high resilience polyurethane is used in automotive

With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards are also improving. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to enjoy the convenience of life brought about by the development of science and technology. In all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation, high-elastic polyurethane foam has played a vital role.

What is high resilience polyurethane?

High-resilience polyurethane foam is a kind of foam with excellent performance. It has high elasticity and high compression load ratio, has a latex-like feel, good air permeability, resilience, flame retardancy, and low cost. It is often used to make seat cushions, which are soft and comfortable to the touch when first contacted, and provide flexible and elastic support when deeply compressed. It is a very ideal auxiliary material.
In addition to these, high resilience sponges have the following advantages: good shock resistance and softness; good tear resistance; easy to adjust hardness; excellent resilience and stretchability; excellent foam remodeling (after being changed in shape It can be restored to its original state immediately and has good elasticity); it can be made into any shape.
Therefore, high resilience sponges have many applications in life. It also has a wide range of uses in the furniture industry, aircraft industry, toy industry, automobiles, motorcycles, trains, high-end sporting goods industry (mainly sports protective gear) and other industrial fields. Among them are motorcycle cushions, car headrests, backrests, sofa cushions, beds, high-end car seats, sofa seats, office seats, toys, massage equipment accessories, high-density balls, and various shapes of one-time molding sponges.

Application of High Resilience Polyurethane in Automotive Industry

In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of the automobile industry, the comfort of driving has gradually become one of the strong competition points of major automobile manufacturers. In order to meet people’s requirements for comfort, car seat cushions, sun visors, steering wheels, backrests, instrument panels, door inner panels, bumpers, thrust pads, gearbox top covers, airbags, sound insulation, center pillar decoration, filter Cleaners, horn covers, spoilers, fenders, car window edging, button switches, armrests, etc., are all polyurethane materials.
Among them, car seats are even more so. In order to provide users with a more comfortable experience, most of the high-end automotive products now use an exclusive design, more ergonomically designed molds, and polyurethane integral foam molding. Improve overall comfort of use at a very low cost.

Application of High Resilience Polyurethane in Home Furnishing Industry

As an excellent auxiliary cushion material, the application of polyurethane in the home furnishing industry need not be mentioned much, whether it is sofas and mattresses in people’s daily life; or seats and cushions in office fitness. All have polyurethane applications.
High resilience polyurethane, because of its excellent properties, is also becoming more and more popular. This kind of material has certain elasticity, softness and certainty. Very suitable for the home industry. In addition, recently, people’s awareness of environmental protection has been greatly improved. As a representative of environmental protection materials, high-resilience polyurethane materials have been loved by major home furnishing manufacturers.
Of course, as a member of the vast number of consumers, who can use such an environmentally friendly and comfortable material to meet our daily needs, who can refuse?

There are many applications of high-resilience polyurethane materials in our daily life, and I will not list them one by one here. If you have questions and needs about high-resilience polyurethane, you are welcome to consult us Honglonglong Technology Co., Ltd. As a high-quality polyurethane manufacturer in China, I believe you will definitely get the answers you want from us.

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