Why do polyurethane products turn yellow?

Why do polyurethane products turn yellow?

The yellowing problem of polyurethane soft foam sponge has been plaguing sponge manufacturers and polyol manufacturers for a long time. Many sponge manufacturers, especially some high-end sponge manufacturers, are trying to resist the yellowing problem in various ways. It’s just that the effect is less pronounced. So, why are polyurethane products prone to yellowing? How can we solve this problem? In the following article, I will analyze these issues in detail.

Why do polyurethane products turn yellow easily?

From the production and storage of polyurethane products, there are four main reasons:

  • During the foaming and processing of the sponge, the yellowing due to thermal oxygen aging caused by high temperature
  • Contact with nitrides, oxides, etc. in the air leads to gas fumigation and yellowing
  • Contamination inside the sponge
  • Yellowing caused by contact with ultraviolet rays

The above problems are all the reasons for the yellowing of polyurethane sponges. In the final analysis, in our daily life, the yellowing of polyurethane products can be called oxidation. No matter what product it is, oxidation will make it produce certain changes. . So, how can we solve or avoid these problems? Next I will refine the discussion.

The solution to the yellowing of polyurethane products.

Currently, there are two main solutions:

  • Select high-performance polyethers that do not contain BHT and amine antioxidants.
  • In the process of polyurethane foaming, improve the anti-yellowing ability of the sponge, and at the same time, improve the anti-UV yellowing ability of the sponge after hot-pressing.

In fact, the current polyurethane manufacturers will add antioxidants in the production process. In the foaming process of the sponge, these antioxidants can inhibit the aging and degradation of the polymer due to the high temperature generated by the foaming itself, which not only ensures the safe production of the foaming process, but also effectively prevents the core in the foaming process. yellowing problem. However, after the foaming of the sponge is completed, the antioxidants remaining in the sponge are more likely to cause the yellowing problem of many sponges. Therefore, these upgrades and improvements are produced.

So, how do we choose high-quality manufacturers?

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