What is polyurethane self-skinning?

What is polyurethane self-skinning?

Beginning in 2021, a pu polyurethane product has emerged on the Amazon market, which has taken over half of the related industries. This product is the “self-skinning” traction pillow. Before talking about “self-skinning”, let’s take a look at this amazing product called “traction pillow”.

What is a traction pillow?

Traction pillow is a health care physiotherapy product developed and produced by Honglonglong Technology Co., Ltd. It can repair neck and relieve fatigue. So far, it has been sold to many countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, and European countries. Users have given this product excellent reviews.
As far as the user’s personal experience is concerned, it will also live up to its reputation as the best “self-skinning” product in 2021 and even 2022.
This product is the “self-skinning” product written in the title of my article.
So, what is “self-skinning”? Why are “self-skinning” products so popular with consumers? In the following article, I will explain these issues.

What is “self-skinning”?

Self-skinning is also called polyurethane integral skin, abbreviated as ISF foam, also known as polyurethane integral skin foam. During the foam forming process, due to the heat of reaction, the inert low-boiling physical foaming agent contained in the foam is vaporized, resulting in the formation of cells. The foaming agent in the material close to the mold is condensed, so after curing, a high-density dense skin is produced on the surface of the whole skin, which is named from the skinning!
Its physical, physical and mechanical properties greatly exceed that of polyurethane foam of the same density. Therefore, it is widely used in furniture, construction, electrical appliances and sporting goods. The application prospect is very broad.

Why are “self-skinning” products so popular?

First of all, high-quality self-skinning products are made of environmentally friendly materials and have no odor. They can be in contact with the body and skin without worrying about allergies and other reactions.
Secondly, no tin catalyst is added in the production process of self-skinned products, therefore, it has better cleanability. The hard skin can be wiped clean with water without any problems.
Finally, self-skinning products are much better than ordinary sponges in terms of resilience and support. In addition, when self-skinned products are used as different products, they also have features such as thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, which make them more popular.

The future of self-skinning products

Human creativity is limitless, maybe one day, the new idea you are inspired by will be the next popular product.
The application of self-skinning products is very extensive. If you have inspiration, ideas, or ideas, please be sure to contact us. We, Honglonglong Technology Co., Ltd., as an excellent polyurethane manufacturer in China, is fully capable of realizing your All kinds of ideas, welcome to consult and cooperate!

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