Do slow rebound decompression toys really decompress?

Do slow rebound decompression toys really decompress?

In people’s modern life, it is inevitable to receive various pressures from the outside world. Out of yearning for a better life, people have come up with various ways to relieve and reduce these pressures.
Slow rebound decompression toy is one of them.
Slow rebound decompression toys are also known as pinch toys, decompression toys, etc. Most of them are foamed from polyurethane and are made into the shape desired by the customer through different molds. Therefore, such decompression toys are widely loved by people.
But, the crux of the question is, does the slow rebound decompression toy really have a decompression effect?
The answer is yes! The reason and principle of its decompression will be explained in detail below.

Why does the slow rebound decompression toy have a decompression effect?

  • The sense of relaxation brought about by simple and repetitive behaviors
  • The sense of control brought by actions such as kneading and squeezing
  • The pleasure brought by timely feedback

This is the most important reason why slow rebound decompression toys have decompression effects. Next, I will talk about the specific reasons.

Decompression principle of slow rebound decompression toys.

  • Everyone’s negative emotions need a reasonable outlet. If they cannot be released, the long-term negative emotions will have a great negative impact on people’s psychology. The slow-rebound decompression toy attracts people’s attention by continuously kneading and squeezing and repeating simple actions, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression. When people focus on simple repetitive behaviors, their emotions will naturally relax, and at the same time, decompression toys will give people a psychological hint to relieve emotional tension.
  • A reasonable way of venting is one of the important ways to relieve emotional stress. The sense of control brought about by kneading, squeezing, and beating the slow-rebound toy, the emotional catharsis brought to people is visible to the naked eye. If the slow rebound toy is made into the shape that the customer wants, the pleasure it brings will be even more addicting. Because it is made of polyurethane foam, it is possible to make the size and shape that the customer wants. With the mature fuel injection technology, it can be painted with rich colors, and it will also be a slow rebound decompression toy psychologically for the user. great pleasure. to achieve decompression.
  • Humans are animals that need feedback. If they cannot get timely feedback or cannot control the situation, people will become anxious and irritable. Like a user of a mechanical keyboard. They enjoyed the clear audible feedback from each tap. The key sounds and key vibrations of touch-screen mobile phones also require auditory and tactile feedback to our actions.
    Conversely, when we cannot get a timely response, we become anxious. If a button press has neither a sound nor a sense of paragraph and nothing happens, we don’t know if it’s done. Imagine when the computer network is particularly stuck… Every time you click, you have to wait and wait, isn’t it very irritable and out of control.

When people are stressed or irritable, it is often because they have encountered problems that are difficult to solve, that is, they cannot control the current situation without getting feedback from the answers to the questions. The tactile feedback and visual feedback brought by the extrusion will greatly satisfy people’s psychology. At the same time, this simple and repeated action will not occupy the brain, and will not affect our continued thinking. We can play whenever we want, stop when we want, and achieve real timely feedback! It releases the hands that have nowhere to put it, and this is one of the reasons why the slow rebound toy has a decompression effect.

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