Polyurethane Application Areas

Polyurethane application areas

What is Polyurethane?

As a polymer compound, the full name is polyurethane (PU). After 100 years of development and improvement, it has been widely used in various fields of human life.
Polyurethane plastics (mainly foamed plastics), polyurethane fibers (called spandex in China), polyurethane rubbers and elastomers. These products made of polyurethane as the main material have various functions and application fields, and they all play a vital role.
Soft polyurethane has a thermoplastic linear structure. Compared with PVC foam, it has better stability, better chemical resistance, better resilience and mechanical properties, and is more difficult to compress. The performance of heat insulation, sound insulation, earthquake resistance, anti-virus and other aspects is also better. Often used as packaging, sound insulation, filter material.
Rigid polyurethane plastic is light in weight, excellent in sound insulation and thermal insulation, chemical resistance, good electrical properties, easy processing, and low water absorption. In construction, automobile, aviation industry and other fields, it is often used as a structural material for thermal insulation.
The performance of polyurethane elastomer is between plastic and rubber, oil resistance, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, high hardness and elasticity. It is an indispensable material in the shoe industry and medical industry.
In addition, polyurethane can also be used to make adhesives, coatings, synthetic leather, etc. Has a very broad and diverse range of applications.

What are the specific applications of polyurethane?

  • Household industry
  • Construction industry
  • Sports industry
  • Packaging lining industry
  • Electronic equipment industry
  • Medical industry

What is the role of polyurethane in different fields?

  1. In the home furnishing industry, the application of polyurethane is mainly the imitation wood material made of polyurethane rigid foam technology. This wood-like material is lightweight and has the same density and strength as wood. Furniture made from this material is not only of better quality, but also reduces costs. The widespread use of imitation wood materials has also played a prominent role in the world’s environmental protection issues. Similarly, there are all kinds of daily necessities in our daily life. Those products made of polyurethane materials have greatly improved the comfort of our daily life.
  2. In the construction industry, polyurethane material is the preferred material in the field of building insulation, because of its simple structure, long product life, high construction efficiency, high fire resistance and low overall cost. In addition, as an important waterproof coating, polyurethane is widely used in building roofs, exterior walls, roofs, basements, kitchens and bathrooms, roads and bridges, etc. At the same time, polyurethane materials also play an indispensable role in the field of railway construction.
  3. In the sports industry, polyurethane paving materials are widely used in the construction of sports venues, plastic runways in public sports venues, indoor basketball courts, and volleyball courts. The soles and leather made of polyurethane materials are used in all aspects of people’s lives. their respective roles. In addition, in sporting goods such as skis and sailboats, polyurethane coatings with excellent abrasion resistance and weather resistance are used.
  4. No matter what the field, packaging is always crucial. Polyurethane can also be used for the packaging of fragile goods, especially in the transportation packaging of some precision instruments, handicrafts, fragile goods, etc. It is precisely because of the existence of polyurethane packaging materials that damage to items can be minimized.
  5. Polyurethane can be said to be an important promoter of the development of the electronic equipment industry. Polyurethane adhesives with excellent wear resistance and adhesion are used in audio tapes, video tapes, computer disks, recharge cards and electronic tickets. Magnetic binders for various recording media, increasing the recording density. In addition, as insulating sealing materials, varnishes are used in urethane enameled wires, and ultraviolet curing (UV) urethane rubbers are used in optical fiber cables. In recent years, polyurethane adhesives have been used in printed circuits of mobile phones, and research on application development is making great progress in response to the needs of the times.
  6. In the medical industry, it is precisely because of the application of this material that countless lives have been saved. Polyurethane elastomer has excellent human adaptability, adhesion and antithrombotic properties due to its special structure, and is used as the best sealing material to fix hollow filament bundles of artificial kidneys.

The application of polyurethane materials is far from being explored, and there are more functions and functions waiting for us to discover and apply one by one in the future.
We, Honglonglong Technology Co., Ltd., as a practitioner of China’s sponge manufacturing industry, will definitely go out of our own style on this road and produce more and better products to enrich our lives.

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